3D Aura Protection Bracelets



If You Are Getting Tired For No Reason, Toxic People or Spirits May Drain Your Life Energy.

By Wearing This Bracelet You will Create Shield Around Your Aura That Will Protect You From Negative Energies.

You Will Feel Much More Energetic Throughout The Day With Less Anxiety.


How Does It Work ?

This Bracelet is Handmade From Natural Hematite, Black Obsidian and Tiger’s Eye Stones.

Hematite: Absorbs Negative energies and Calms You Under Stress. Hematite Also Helps Your Root Chakra transform Negative Vibrations into More Positive Energy Vibrations.

Black Obsidian: Powerful Cleanser of Old Negative Vibrations (Unpleasant Memories or Experiences, Toxic People) Created Within Your Aura, and is a Strong Psychic Protection Stone. Black Obsidian Creates Powerful Shield That Protects Your Aura From Negative Outside Influences.

Tiger’s Eye: Helps You Transform Toxic Feelings of  Fear and Anxiety Into Courage and Self-Confidence.

Combining These 3 Natural Stones Creates Synergy, Therefore Each Stone Is Much More Effective.

Don’t Hesitate And Get This Bracelet to Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones From Toxic People and Negative Spirits.

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– Handmade with Love

Material: Natural Hematite, Natural Black Obsidian,Natural Tiger’s Eye
Bead size: 0.39 in (10 mm)
Bracelet length: elastic 7.08 – 9.05 in (18 – 23 cm)

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3D Aura Protection Bracelets