4 Seasons Smart Windshield Cover One Size Fits All



This is a one size fits all Windshield cover. If this does not fit you vehicle we offer 100% money back guarantee!

  • TIRED OF SCRAPING AND WASTING GAS DEFROSTING YOUR CAR EVERY DAY? There is no more need for snow brush or scraper. With our 4 Season Smart Windshield Cover – all you have to do is lift it, shake and you’re ready to drive! Keep your fingers warm, buy this windshield protector, your hands will thank you. Our windshield cover for ice and snow will keep frost off your windshield. Buy it now and SAVE your time and gas that you usually waste defrosting your vehicle.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Windy weather? No problem. Our 2018 newly styled 4 Seasons Windshield Cover has 6 powerful N52 magnets that are sewn in the cover’s edges which eliminates scratching your car and keeps the windshield snow cover in place during windy weather. No more hassle with straps and hooks. Due to its large size, the frost windshield guard also serves as the windshield sunshade and wipers protector from frost, ice, and sun.
  • SECURED & FITS ALL: This 4 Seasons Windshield Cover is tucked into the interior of the car upon installation which provides extra security from being stolen. The large size (84in x 48in) makes it suitable for all vehicle types, even SUVs.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SEASONS. The black side of the cover facing out gives protection from snow and the silver side facing out gives protection from extreme sunlight which reflects the incoming sunshine protecting the car and its interior from overheating.
  • FREE GIFT: we are offering a free storage pouch for your new ice and snow windshield cover – car sun shade for windshield. Buy it now and save!

Big enough to fit ALL cars! We offer 100% money back guarantee if this item does not fit your windshield!


  • Size: 84″ x 48″ (210 cm x 120 cm)
  • Material: Waterproof Windproof Polyester & Aluminium foil
  • Color: Silver & black
  • Features: Anti-UV protection, Easy snow cleaning

Package Content:

1X Windshield Cover
1X Storage Pouch

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4 Seasons Smart Windshield Cover One Size Fits All