8-in-1 Multi-function Watering Flower Car Wash Cleaning Water Gun



8 Nozzle Spray Watering Gun, Fits all standard garden hoses or car wash, and other sizes with standard 1 female hose connectors. According to different requirements to adjust the use!
Advantage:  can put cleaning agent, cleaning cars, outdoor Windows, ground, toilet does not need to spray cleaning agent cleaning, can also wash pets and so on. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning.
  1. Integral detergent chamber automatically mixes your favorite liquid soaps, cleaners or waxes.
  2. Great for gutter, siding, decks, fences, pools, patios, walkways & driveways.
  3. Blast away dirt and grime from patios and driveways, gutters and steps.
  4. Ensure its gentle enough for watering fragile plants.
  5. Fully adjustable, 8 setting spray nozzle.
  6. Ideal for home, garden or vehicle use.

Eight spraying modes: Can switch between different spraying modes, can work in any environment. Such as gardens, cars, gardening, irrigation, exterior cleaning, etc.

HIGH-PRESSURE WASH: Transform your regular garden hose into a powerful jet pressure stream. Perfect for washing dirty sidewalks, car washes, dirty wood fences, brick walls and more!

Nozzle rotation switch: can quickly change freely in eight modes.


  • Size: 43cm x 15cm x 5cm.
  • Material: ABS;
  • Weight: 0.6kg;
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8-in-1 Multi-function Watering Flower Car Wash Cleaning Water Gun