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Perfect for Autumn and Spring

We know that safety is always your first concern at work. What if we combine safety with comfort?

That’s why we decided to make these Reliable Work Shoes.

We choose built-in Kevlar® midsole for puncture resistance. This military level material can prevent injuries from sharp objects and maximize your comfort.

European standard steel toes are definitely added for impact protection. We also widen the normal steel toe to ensure the most comfort.

Slip-resistance is enhanced with the deepened notches outsoles. Keep you safe at the water and oil environment.

Furthermore, new insole technology and cushion construction provide greater comfort and support for you.

Our shoes are certificated to meet the standard of ASTM F 2412-2011.

“I’m a carpenter. I feel safe at work thanks to the good quality steel toes.” — Fred

Excellent work shoes. I think the chances of puncturing the feet decrease at times.” — James

These shoes are very comfortable. I wear more than 10 hours a day. No problem. I recommend.” — Bill

Pretty light compared to my other work shoes. Really easy to wear.” — Merja

Have worn for a month, and it has become my favorite. Really worth trying.” — Christia

More than 54,600 customers have chosen Reliable Work Shoes. How about you? Order now and enjoy safe and comfortable.



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Keeper Safety Work Shoes