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Automatic Telescopic Water Booster Faucet Extender


The faucet booster is designed with a flexible hose, which automatically mixes detergent, which is more flexible and can meet your diversified needs. The faucet adapter can be rotated up to 360 degrees, so that the faucet can be extended and adjusted in direction. It can be adjusted at any time. Oxygen-enriched foaming, can filter most impurities and protect your water safety.

  • Anti-drip: avoid the trouble of water leakage.
  • Splash-proof design.
  • The water is soft, will not splash, will not mix with air, and the sink/washing sink is cleaner.
  • The product can be installed on kitchen faucets, sink faucets, bathroom faucets and toilet faucets, and uses a lot of water in public places.
  • One-button quick switch, the bubble mode has an impact, which can wash dishes more cleanly, and the shower mode produces soft water.

Material: ABS+TPU+Stainless Steel+Brass
Water pressure range: 0.1-0.4MPs

Package Included:
1x Main Body
1x Hose
1x Fixed seat
6x Fitting connector
3x Gasket
1x Wrench

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Automatic Telescopic Water Booster Faucet Extender